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National's Back Pack was developed with the pilot in mind and is our most popular model.  The teardrop shape provides flexibility and maximum comfort even in the tightest cockpits.  The shape and size make this model the most all-around universal parachute.

Rear angle, color photo of Back Parachute.
Front angle, color photo of Seat Parachute.

National's Seat Pack is especially desirable when the cockpit has more vertical space than horizontal. For added comfort, the seat pad has one inch of "Astronaut Foam" above the parachute container (user accessible/adjustable via Velcro closure).

National's previous "Chair Parachute" is updated / replaced by the National FLAT, with addition of attached seat pad ("GRF" pad), see Options Page for details.  This configuration creates the overall slimmest, most comfortable  profile from side to side / top to bottom. 

*360 = Recommended Pilot Weight is up to 177 lbs.
*425 = Recommended Pilot Weight is up to 208 lbs.
*FLAT = Recommended Pilot Weight is up to 220 lbs.
*490 = Recommended Pilot Weight is up to 241 lbs.


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