"New "A" Harness

Parachute Options

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Pack Colors:

  • Premium: Black or Navy or Red or Royal

  • Canopy size - based on pilot weight.
  • Model (Back or Seat) - based on cockpit configuration / space and pilot's preference (Back model is most popular).
  • Matching Carry Bag.
  • "GRF" Flap (as shown on right)
  • See Prices for additional items.

Gravity Retainer Flap (GRF)

This  optional seat pad "flap" applies to our Back Parachute only.  Based on Pilot's requests, the "GRF" is designed to hold the parachute down and in place while doing intense aerobatics ... just as gravity does normally in level flight! 

Back Parachute with "GRF" Flap attached.

The "GRF" cushion area is 15" wide, 15" deep and comes standard with 1" thick "Astronaut Foam."  The cushion area is adjacent to the parachute base, attached with a 2" Velcro strip which allows for position adjustment and / or removal.  Special channels are provided for harness leg strap routing.

The foam cavity is user accessible for making adjustments in thickness or to remove for washing.  The
"GRF" can also double as a seat pad and will be made thicker upon request.


  • Prevents parachute from lifting or shifting
  • Attached to base / bottom of parachute.
  • Improves seating comfort.
  • Leg straps integrated.
  • Custom options available.


  • On New Parachute                     $
  • Retrofit Used parachute*            $
  • Removable "GRF" feature            N/C 
  • Foam Thickness to 1"               (call)
  • Foam Thickness to 2"                  (call)

          *Inspection / Repack  NOT Included.
Photo of harness hardware choices.

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