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National Parachute started in 1976 selling sport parachute gear.  In 1980 we begin development of emergency parachutes, beginning with the Back model.  In 1985 our full line of Back, Seat and Chair parachute models were completed.  Each parachute is fully steerable (see Features) with choice of three canopy sizes based on pilot weight. 

Ten great reasons to deal with National:

  1. National parachutes are the choice of numerous aerobatics champions and professionals.*
  2. With over 18,000 parachutes sold, National has an established and proven track record.
  3. From day one, our parachutes were  designed thin, light weight and with your comfort in mind.
  4. Our WEB SITE keeps you up to date on stock availability, updates and news.
  5. Extended Warranty (Five-Year Owner Protection Plan) for our AeroStar parachutes.
  6. We offer not only three models (Back, Seat and "Chair") we also offer three canopy sizes to best suit the pilot's weight.  Why wear an improperly sized parachute?
  7. A properly fitting harness is important.  Our design incorporates a user-adjustable main lift web  (hip junction).  Other harnesses are permanently sewn at the hip.
  8. With 39 continuous years of service, National passed the "test of time."
  9. National never had an A.D. on our their parachutes.
  10. Charter member of "Parachute Industry Association."


National Parachute has served the aviation community by providing quality life saving emergency parachutes for over ONE-THIRD of a CENTURY! 

We are proud to announce 2015 is our 39th ANNIVERSARY Year! 

* Chip Yates
* Patty Wagstaff
* Northern Lights
* Mike Goulian
* Bill Beardsley
* Tim Weber

(*Just to name a few)

NATIONAL: Your One Last Chance!

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